GEO Illustration Challenge - Copernicus Masters


Nothing makes it so immediately clear as photos from space: The planet on which we live has a highly complex surface, broad sections of which are already being shaped and changed by the Earth's inhabitants. Participants in the GEO Illustration Challenge "Traces of Humankind" will be asked to reveal and illustrate humankind's footprint on our planet - including all manner of effects produced by both current and long past developments - in vivid, artistic ways based on satellite images.

Entries will be evaluated based on two criteria: their informative content and the aesthetic value of their artistic design. The "Traces of Humankind" Challenge is open for submission until 30 June 2013; the best proposals submitted will then be published for public voting at and from 15 July to 18 August 2013.

The GEO Illustration Challenge "Traces of Humankind" is geared towards anyone interested, but mainly artists, illustrators, graphic designers, designers, and students. Please note that participation is restricted to adult citizens of the European Union and the ESA member-states.