Are you a potential candidate for our community?

Experts involved in disasters, health, energy, climate, water, weather, ecosystems and agriculture who are interested in understanding how GNSS data and constellations can have an impact in their daily activities, or GNSS experts who are willing to explore new applications in these areas are more than welcome to join our community. Registration is free. Membership will give you access to:

  • Active participation to project activities
  • Access to discussion sub-groups
  • Share your profile with other community members
  • Post job offers to the community
  • Annouce relevant events for the community
  • Be eligible to apply for full/partial financial support to cover travel expenses to attend our events

Become a community member!

The Gfgsquared team has chosen Linkedin for community building. Why? Because Linkedin is a very powerful career database, which has recently announced to turn to 90 million members.

How can you register to our community?

  • Register to Linkedin
  • Update your professional profile
  • Request to join the Gfgsquared group

Upon your request is accepted you will become a community member and have access to membership benefits

Financial support for community participation in Gfg2 activities

The Gfgsquared Piggy Bank is a project’s portion of budget set aside to support community participation to events. The Gfgsquared Piggy Bank will seek to cover partially, or fully when possible, travel and hosting expenses for community members, including the Gfgsquared expert’s board. Applications announcements will be posted in the community group @ Linkedin.