Global Environmental Earth Observation and GEOSS needs

Michael Gauss

1. Short summary of the deliverable including results and conclusions

The number of global navigation satellites in orbit is increasing, and so is the number of applications of their signals in the societal benefit areas (SBAs) as defined by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). In the framework of the Gfg2 project, experts within the different SBAs have been contact by e-mail, telephone and through the use of questionnaires, in order to identify applications of GNSS signals as well as the potential to increase their exploitation within the SBAs in the future. This deliverable report summarizes the outcome of this activity with focus on GEEO and GEOSS needs.

2. Contribution of this deliverable to the goals of Gfg2


  • Impact of this deliverable to other Work packages or Deliverables of Gfg2 to identify needs within the Earth observation community and to investigate the potential of using GNSS signals to aid research and applications with the different societal benefit areas defined by GEO is one of the key objectives of Gfg2. The identification of needs, done in this deliverable, is an important input to the GNSS community for later assessments on if and how these needs can be met. It also has been successful in establishing further contacts between the GEEO and GNSS communities.
  • Target audience of the deliverable, i.e. who should read or use it for his/her work
    The target audience includes experts within Earth observation in general and GNSS experts in particular. Users of Earth observation products are invited to read through the document and to comment on it. As the use of GNSS signals in the SBAs of GEO is in many cases still in its infancy, several studies like this should follow.
Publication date: 
December, 2011
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