What is Gfg2?

Gfgsquared is a three-year coordination action, which started in January  2011 and will last until December 2013. The project is funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission under the Environment theme (2010). Its mission is to better assessing the value of GNSS for Global Environmental Earth Observation (GEEO) and GEOSS.

Why Gfg2?

Under the framework of the GEOSS 10-year implementation plan (initiative from the Group on Earth Observation, GEO) the European Union has compromised to ensure the full interaction and engagement of relevant science and technology communities into GEOSS implementation to guarantee that state of the art Earth Science knowledge is continuously applied into GEOSS development and operation. Working to this aim, the EU acknowledged the need to better assess the scientific value of GNSS beyond their classical positioning services, for the achievement of the GEOSS goals in the nine GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs): disasters, health, energy, climate, water, weather, ecosystems, agriculture and biodiversity.


  1. To consolidate a community of experts interested in the scientific exploitation of GNSS for GEEO and GEOSS
  2. To explore novel applications derived from GNSS for GEEO and GEOSS while enhancing research-industry collaboration to implement these applications
  3. To identify the research and technological challenges and define the strategic vision, roadmap and policy for GNSS for GEEO and GEOSS available or under development
  4. To assess the value of a European GNSS independent constellation (EGNOS-GALILEO) in the support to GEEO and GEOSS
  5. To promote the public understanding of GNSS for GEEO and GEOSS research and use within the GEO community, providing support to the GEO tasks and fostering the application of the Data Sharing Principle

Activities foreseen

Some of the activities foreseen to achieve the Gfgsquared project goals are:

  • Determine on going GNSS-GEEO activities either related to positioning, mass-market or scientific
  • Consolidate a GNSS community of experts for GEEO and GEOSS
  • Explore novel applications of GNSS for GEEO and GEOSS with specific attention to the needs of Earth and Ocean observation systems and monitoring methods for the environment and sustainable development
  • Identify barriers and enablers (perspectives for technological development) to support these novel applications impact the community activities and support the EO operational methodologies and measurements
  • Assess the value of a European independent GNSS constellation (EGNOS, GALILEO)
  • Promote the public understanding of GNSS research and use among the GEO community providing support to the GEO tasks
  • Organization of summer schools, workshops and industry events
  • Build a collaborative community web

The Gfg2 team

The Gfgsquared team is composed of: the consortium and the expert’s board


STARLAB - Starlab Barcelona S.L., Starlab Consulting Division - Space Engineering


UNOTT – The University of Nottingham, GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE)

   GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences; Department 1 Geodesy and Remote Sensing - Section 1.1 GPS/Galileo Earth Observation
 CHALMERS – Chalmers University of Technology, Space Geodesy and Geodynamics Research Group
 ULEIC – University of Leicester, G-STEP group
 MET.NO – Norwegian Meteorological Institute

ALTERRA - Wageningen University and Research Centre


Expert’s Board

This is group of GNSS and Global Environmental Earth Observation outstanding experts identified by the consortium to provide advice and pro-actively participate in our activities.

Carmen Aguilera, European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) [Linkedin]

Christopher Buck, European Space Agency (ESA) [Linkedin]

Jacob Christensen, RUAG Space AB [Linkedin]

James Garrison, Purdue University [Linkedin] [Other]

Manuel Hernandez, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Norbert Jakowski, German Aerospace Center (DLR) [Linkedin]

Frank Kelly, King’s College London [Other]

Paul Poli, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF)

Chuang Shi, Wuhan University

How can you get involved in Gfg2 activities?

Gfgsquared is consolidating a community of experts. Join us!